Hwawon Cho is a textile designer, specialising in print. Throughout her learning journey and development in textile design, she works consistently with textiles as a medium to express her passion to convey a narrative. She has continued to be inspired by the world in which we all live and takes value in examining her surroundings, and taking motivation from each element.

Through this inquisitive nature, she is seeking to take single ideas and develop them into complete narratives that she can then adapt into imaginative designs and applications.Specialising in print, she has been developing her hand-drawing skills, sense of pattern rhythm and also other specialised area, especially weave and embroidery to go beyond the boundary of techniques.


- 2023: Hanyoung Textile Design Contest - Excellence Award
- 2023: New Designers - AVA Award (Top 11 to Watch)
- 2023: 1st Honour - Textile Society Undergraduate Award 2023
- 2022: The AVA - idott Training Award