2100: Rhythm of Nature (colab project)

Pattern: Hanyoung Competition - Excellence Award Winning Design

Year: 2024

Set in the year 2100, this project embodies the essence of a futuristic world, rooted in sustainability. Inspired by a ‘dandelion seed,’ the garment symbolises ‘regeneration, freedom, symbiosis, and circularity.’ Crafted with a pattern that captures the dandelion’s lifecycle, it addresses planetary issues, proposing an alternative worldview for a new future. Wearing this dress provides solace in a vast landscape of growth and regeneration, fostering humility and a reminder of our significance as small beings on Earth.

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Creative Direction/ Pattern: Myself

Garments: Chaemin Nam

Photography: Myself, Chaemin Nam

Photo Edit: Myself

Model: Zhiting Guo